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Loki and the Builder

The gods home, Asgard, had no wall around it to protects the gods against their enemies. This fact troubled the gods greatly, so when a strange horseman came to Asgrad offering to build a great wall the gods were pleased.

“This will be a great wall” said the stranger, “a true monument to your greatness. In eighteen months from now it will be complete and all your worries will be for naught.”

“What is your price Horseman?” asked Odin the All-Father.

“I will accept nothing less than the beautiful goddess Freyja as my wife,” replied the stranger, “As well as the sun and moon.”

Naturally the gods were furious at the strangers impertinence, to think they would barter of Freyja for mere building work, let alone the sun and moon. By this time Freyja was weeping tears of gold.

However Loki, also known as Loki the Trickster, had an idea.

He turned to the stranger and said: “If you are able to complete the wall in six months you have a bargain.” The stranger considered his options, once more looking upon the beautiful Freyja, gold tears making shinning trails down her cheeks and said,

” I’ll agree only if my horse is allowed to help me.”

The gods looked at Loki in astonishment, ‘What were you thinking?’ they asked.

“Have no fear,” said Loki grinning,” In six months he will only be able to build half a wall, the bargain will be incomplete, and we will have half a wall for free.”

The gods applauded Loki’s cunning and all were pleased.

However, the stranger worked long and hard during the winter, striving to complete the great wall on time, with the help of his horse he managed to quarry the stone for a massive wall around Asgard.

As summer approached disaster stared the gods in the face for the stranger, against all odds, had almost completed the wall.

Odin the All-Father turned to Loki, “Do something Loki,” he said, “We cannot allow our Freyja to marry this man, he must be a giant in disguise, and if we give up the sun and moon life will be scarcely worth living. You got us into this mess Trickster, so you must get us out!”

Loki thought for awhile and finally he had an answer, “Without his horse he won’t be able to haul the stones to complete the wall.”

Loki was a god who was able to change his shape, so that night he transformed himself into a beautiful mare and lured away the stranger’s horse. When the stranger realized what had happened he became enraged and his disguise fell away. The stranger was a giant, one of the gods foe’s. The gods called on Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. With his mighty hammer, Miollnir, Thor struck the giant with a thunderclap on his head.

That is the end of the story about the giant, but not the end of Loki’s.


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