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Loki’s Offspring

When Loki thought it was safe to return he was leading a strange eight legged horse called Sleipnir. Loki gave Sleipnir to Odin and said: “Sleipnir is unlike any other horse for he is my offspring. No horse will be able to keep pace with Sleipnir. He will bear you over the sea and through air, and to the land of the dead and back.”

As was promised Sleipnir never failed his new master Odin, but not all of Loki’s offspring were like him.

One would have to know that Loki was half giant himself, to understand why he had three children by a giantess. The first child is the Fenrir, it is ordained that at the end of the world he will devour Odin. The second child is the Midgard serpent, and the third is none other than the mistress of death herself – Hel.

When Odin came to realize that these children were loose in the world, he had them brought to him. Odin had the Midgard serpant thrown into the sea, but the serpent was so vast that it encircled the world and bit it’s own tail. Odin banished Hel to Niflheim, the Land of the Dead, and gave her power over all those who die of illness and old-age.

Even though Odin the All-Fathner had managed two of Loki’s children Fenrir was not so easily undone. Only the god Tyr was brave enough to feed this monstrosity, but even he could see that when Fenrir was fullt grown it would do terrible harm. The gods decided to create a strong chain that could not be broken and tie Fenrir up. With one mighty kick Fenrir broke it’s bonds and was free. Finally Odin swallowed his pride and asked the dwarfs for help, they agreed and mad a fetter called Gleipnir. Gleipnir was silky and soft to the touch, Gleipnir was made of special ingredients: the soundlessness of a cat’s footfall, a woman’s beard, the roots of a mountain, the sinews of a bear, a fishes breath and the spittle of a bird. The gods took Fenrir to a lonely isolated island and challenged it to break Gleipnir. Fenrir sensed a trap, so the wolf agreed only if one of the gods was brave enough to place his hand in his mouth, as a token of good faith. Tyr was the only god brave enough and so he thrust his hand into Fenrir’s fearsome jaws. So the gods bound the giant wolf with the silken fetter, and when he kicked it only tightened. Enraged by it’s captivity Fenrir clamped it’s jaws shut and bit off the god Tyr’s right hand. Even though the gods knew that it was ordained that a time would come when Fenrir would break free and bring with it death and destruction for all, the gods refused to kill it. The gods said : “What must be, will be.


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