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The Conquest of Nemed

This takes place at the beginning, before Ireland was Ireland, when it was inhabited only by a tribe known as the Fomorians. Their name is translated from Celtic to mean ‘those who live under the sea’.

Nemed and his people left Greece to make the westward journey, looking for a new home. They left in thirty-four oared boats with thirty people in each. Thirty years before Nemed and his followers left for Ireland a plague swept through the land leaving much of Ireland desolate.

The journey was going well with calm seas and favourable winds, until a golden tower was sighted. It had smooth yellow walls that glistened in the seas mist and it was so tall that its top was lost in the clouds.

The fleet rowed towards it, hoping to find treasure, but the sea around it surged with treacherous currents that capsized some of the fleet and drove the rest into the jagged rocks. Only Nemed’s boat survived, but most of those travelling with him drowned.

The survivors sailed away from there and came to the shores of Ireland. Here they settled.

But their troubles were not over. Twelve days after they landed Macha, Nemed’s wife, was the first to die of the plague that was still ravaging Ireland.

The Fomorians also wanted to settle Ireland but Nemed and his men were to strong and made them work as slaves. They built two great forts and carved out twelve fields from the forested land. They were not the only things changing the look of the landscape. Natural causes were also making changes. Four mighty cloudbursts created four great lakes (that can still be seen today).

While Nemed lived the Fomorians were under his control. In three battles he lost many men but he subdued them nonetheless. That was until he too died of the plague that still lurked in dark corners of Ireland.

Now the Fomorians saw their chance to turn the tables on the Children of Nemed. Without Nemed his children were defeated.

The Fomorians were cruel and harsh. Every year at the festival of Samain (Today’s Halloween – 1 November) the Children of Nemed were forced to give up two-thirds of their corn, two-thirds of their mil produce and two-thirds of their new born infants.

The Children of Nemed sent messengers to Greece, asking for assistance. Many people set sail from Greece, including druids and druidesses and many vicious animals.

The fleet laid siege to the king of the Fomorians, Conann, in his glass tower, until he was forced to battle the army.

First the druids and druidesses of each army battled, but they were evenly matched, countering every spell the others cast. Then the warriors battled and many men were lost but eventually the Children of Nemed were victorious.

However Conann was still safe in his tower, so the Children of Nemed let loose the vicious animals – wolves and poisonous pigs – and most people fled, but Conann was still safe.

Then, Fergus, con of Nemed, challenged Conann to single combat and so Conann was killed.

But this was not the end as more Fomorians arrived and as they left their ships the Children of Nemed were waiting for them and fierce fights broke out, so filled with battle fury was everyone that no one noticed a tidal wave headed towards them. It was higher than the tower itself and moving faster than any hawk and it broke over the people fighting there on the beach killing all but thirty Children of Nemed and a boatload of the Fomorians.

After this the Children of Nemed couldn’t settle down, being in constant fear for their lives. Eventually they scattered, some returning to Greece and others to Britain. Except for the Formorians, Ireland was empty again for another 200 years.


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